Sweat Sessions

A glimpse into my weekly training program


Hi hi!!

I get tons of questions about my workout routine, how often do I workout? What style of workouts do I do? How heavy are the weights that I use? How long do I workout? What time do I workout etc.

Before I dive in,  I just want to say that fitness and working out is different for everybody. It’s important to move your body in a way that you feel good! You and I could do the exact same workouts for months and still have different results. Of course it’s also based on diet but also just our body’s natural metabolism and our genes. So please keep that in mind!! : )

I basically love doing total body workouts  during the week and then mix in intervals and steady state cardio after or in between my workouts.  On some days I do full push exercises, other days I do only pull exercises. Still total body.

All workouts last about 75 minutes total for me and is divided by workouts.  I noticed a huge difference in my legs, core and arms. They got super toned and defined…I also sweat more during these workouts because of how they are all separated.

I’ve been training this way I got toned all over my body but I could really see the difference in my abs. It is def a HARD workout though and you sweat A TON! So, here’s what my week looks like:

The Warm-Up (10 to 15 minutes)

Rather than just jogging on the treadmill for a few minutes before your next training session, do your body a favor and try a dynamic warm up. These moves are designed specifically to prep your joints and muscles for the workout you’re about to tackle and target everything from your upper body, down. Perform 2 or 3 sets, depending on how you feel (or how many kinks you have to work out). Check out my post with Scott all about mobility for more direction and exercises! 


Monday – total body push day.  I started with weights around 10-15lbs s for arm work and 20-25 lbs for lunges and squats etc. and when I felt like I could work my way up and try the next weight I did! Push days make me sweat so much plus I am starving after so thats always a bonus.

Tuesday – total body pull day.  I like doing pull days because its challenging and required more basic machines and just need a mat- easy to do from anywhere.

Wednesday – Ab day.   I like having one workout focused to abs just because it’s one of my favorite muscle group to work! it’s a great one to do while I’m traveling but still want to work out also.

Thursday – total body push and pull day. My most cardio focused day, I’m not much of a runner so working my pushes against my pulls kill me. It is perfect!  I always leave super sweaty and filled with endorphins. Plus this is a great way to get in a buddy workout with a girlfriend.

Friday – Steady state cardio 🙂 Nothing crazy, but for someone who lives in a highly stimulating city, its great to calm my body down for some cardio.

Saturday –  Ab day OoOO this ones tough! Second day of abs and there most likely still burning from Wednesday but its a love/hate feeling I don’t mind.

Sunday – Rest day + STRETCH 

Of course not every single weeks looks like this because I like to mix up the days depending on how my body feels but for the most part these are ALL the work outs I do all week!  If I really fall off track and need to get back into routine or really want to feel it the next day I’ll resort to push days for sure– it gets me dripping sweat eeeeverytime

6 times per week works for me but don’t feel like thats what you need to do too! My workouts are all about an hour long and I keep flexible with my schedule because I never want it to feel like it’s a chore. you know?!

What does your current workout schedule look like?